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Welcome Speech -DRM BY FCDP Team Leader Michael Brownjohn (Day 1)

To all invited guests from the Australian Aid Program, Fiji government agency representatives, Civil Society organisations and partners, support staff, observers, representatives from fellow Aid Programs and my colleagues from the Fiji Community Development Program. Bula Vinaka, Namaste and good morning to you all.

Disaster Preparedness & Resilience Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Humanitarian Action in Fiji DFAT / Australian Aid Program Presentation (Day 1)

Purpose: To provide information on how the Australian Aid Program delivers humanitarian action in Fiji.
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NDMO Presentation -Sunia Ratulevu (Day 1)

During emergency operations, at the Division and District levels the Commissioner and Provincial Administrator/District Officer respectively are responsible for the emergency operation in their areas of operation in close cooperation with their respective Disaster Management Councils.
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Red Cross DRM Presentation (Day 1)

Simple, Shorter and Clear Disaster Management Plans (Shorter/ Brief versions to be available to everyone)
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Sevasharam Sangha (Day 1)

In the first thirteen days, the Sangha Flood Relief Operations Team reached out to total of about 11,585 people.
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Northern Charity Alliance (Day 1)

Aim of NCA To help achieve Citizen and Corporate social responsibility in partnership with the public, people and private sectors in Fiji /overseas which will meet the needs of society in accordance with the principles of social justice, equal opportunity, respect for human dignity and social ventures, and which will enable the individuals to lead a satisfying and purposeful life.
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ADRA Presentation (Day 1)

The project aims to improve and secure quality of diet of target households affected by Cyclone Evan. The given support will complement the food sources of targeted households to ensure they have sufficient nutritional meals and at the same time support the efforts of subsistence farmers to recovery from crops damaged or lost during cyclone Evan.
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DRM Cycle (Day 1)

Disaster Cycle concept -Related to each hazard. Disasters and disaster management operate in a cycle. A continuum of interrelated activities.
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