Capacity Building

Since 2012 the program has supported 93 CSOs to develop their capacity to deliver their projects more efficiently. Over 1056 participants took part in capacity-building activities along with numerous government agencies and community members. This support was delivered through workshops, round-table discussions, drop in sessions, networking events, one on one mentoring and advice, exchange visits, grants for technical support and provision of technical assistance.

1056 participants


girl 53% guy 47%


Capacity Building Areas




Governance structure, vision, board roles, constitution and stakeholder involvement.


Service Delivery

Improving technical expertise in community engagement and development planning, monitoring and evaluation, child protection, gender equality, disability inclusion, environmental protection, disaster risk management, wash and community business plan development.


Management Practices

Management structure, leadership, strategic and participatory planning and risk management.


Human Resources Management

Staff resources, staff development, HR systems and policies, and diversity.


External Relations

Media and public relations, government relations, CSO networking, relations with community groups and communications strategies.


Financial Management

Budgeting, accounting policies and procedures, financial reporting and monitoring, and financial information systems.



Sustaining program benefits and broadening/mobilising the resource base.